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The Maof Assistance Program for Gifted Students

 Merger of Ariela Foundation Activities into “Olim BeYachad

The Maof Program is a nationwide initiative to promote excellence amongst outstanding youngsters through ongoing personal mentoring and long term tailor made assistance. Our main objective is to allow participants to fully integrate into a career path in their specific area of excellence, thus allowing participants to achieve economic independence through higher salary positions.
The Hebrew word of "Maof" can be translated into English as imagination or vision. In this spirit, Ariela seeks to assist uniquely talented individuals of Ethiopian origin interested in pursuing “ground breaking” professional career paths in terms of their social impact upon their immediate surroundings. 
Within the framework of our Maof Program for gifted individuals, we are continuously searching for outstanding youngsters that display unique talents in the field of academics, social activities, arts, sports, business and more. The program operates at the national level with participants ranging in age from elementary school to University level students. Our organization nurtures these youngsters through unique long term assistance programs tailor made to the individual needs of each case, thus creating a unique bond with the participant and his immediate family. These assistance programs are composed of a variety of complementary elements such as: 
  1. Academic scholarships
  2. Tutoring sessions in selected subjects
  3. After school enrichment programs, courses and activities
  4. Material assistance for purchasing professional / educational supplies
  5. Educational/professional guidance and counselling services
  6. Personal coaching / mentoring sessions designed to maximize personal advancement  
  7. Workshops and educational field trips in a group framework
  8. Additional support that promotes excellence  
As part of our principle of empowering participants by helping others, all program participants are required to sign an assistance agreement which includes a component of volunteer work / giving back to the community.
Proud partner of the Jewish Community ASSOCIATION of Greater Phoenix.

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