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The Star Program
The Ariela Star Program is a holistic, intensive and ongoing framework that promotes personal, educational and social growth amongst Israeli youngsters of Ethiopian origin. The main objectives for each participant include personal enrichment, development of life skills for success, obtaining a high quality high school diploma, completion of meaningful army service and academic studies.  Acceptance requirements into the program include above average grades, high levels of motivation and parental support.

Program activities began in 2008 and currently assist dozens of students in three geographic locations; Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Gedera and Ness Tziona.

The activities are divided into three main developmental phases:
1)     Middle school
2)     High School
3)     Army service, academic studies and integration into the job market

Not all participants are expected to complete all stages since this is a competitive program where only those students that meet relevant criteria can continue to the next phase. Therefore, as the group moves from phase to phase, the group size is reduced and the assistance provided becomes available only to those that have displayed seriousness, commitment and personal motivation to succeed.

Program objectives are achieved through a variety of activities that vary from year to year and from group to group but include six core elements:
  • Tutorial lessons in essential subject areas such as English, mathematics and language skills.
  • Development of social skills (such as team work and leadership) through enriching experiential activities that include outdoor group activities involving physical challenges.
  • Development of personal skills (such as self-empowerment, decision making skills, time management and effective planning) through personal mentoring.
  • Enrichment activities such as science workshops, exposure to the academic world, financial management, visits to museums and cultural events.
  • An increase in parental and family involvement through parenting workshops to help participants cope with inter-generational and social gaps, setting behavioral boundaries for teenagers and other issues unique to Ethiopian Jewry in Israel.
  • Community service by participants which are expected to give back to the community by volunteering in suitable tailor made programs in order to serve as role models to community members and further advance Ariela's social objectives.  
In addition, Individual financial support for select cases is awarded to enable students to purchase equipment required for their professional/educational advancement (e.g. school books, computers, etc.). 
This project is funded by a grant from the Yosef & Kristina Kassirer Foundation.

Proud partner of the Jewish Community ASSOCIATION of Greater Phoenix.

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